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What's a munch?

     A munch is a gathering of Scene-friendly people, usually at mealtime.

Why should I go to this one?

     If you're new to the Scene, or just slightly curious about this type of play, a munch in a public place is a safe, non-threatening way to check out some like-minded people.  You can watch us from a distance and not even introduce yourself, if you like.

Who started these munches?

     The Wednesday munch was originated by a Stanford student who wanted to encourage other students interested in BDSM to meet each other and learn more about the Scene. After a while, it was moved off campus, and it currently attracts primarily non-Stanford folks. The Thursday munch has been around much longer, and is a direct descendant of the original "Burgermunch".

What sort of people show up at these?

     It varies from week to week. Ages range from early twenties through early sixties.  All genders, sexual orientations, and BDSM preferences have probably been represented at one time or another. Many of the "regulars" work in the computer industry.

Is there any play at the munch?

     Depends on the munch organizer and location. Very discrete play is tolerated at the Wednesday munch. Wear what you'd normally wear to a coffee shop.

So what goes on at the munch?

     People sit around and talk. Some drop in for a short time, others stay until 10:00 or later. Some of the talk is related to the scene, some isn't.. Some people get drinks or food, others don't.

How will I recognize the group?

      Our current venue has a large set of booths to the left and near the back that are reserved for us. You can also ask at the counter for the "munch" group.. Feel free to write us to ask questions or just to let us know you're coming. 








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